Processing woods to become something useful is our main expertise at PT. Chopindo Sejahtera. Our company was established in 1985 and we are the number one wood processing manufacturer in Indonesia. We have the biggest production line and the pioneer in the industry.

We specialised in manufacturing of wooden chopsticks, ice cream sticks, spoons, tongue depressors and mixing paddles. Our factory is located at Kejapanan, Pasuruan – East Java, Indonesia. Our partners include and not limited to multinational ice cream manufacturers, restaurants and five stars hotels in many parts of Indonesia. We also distribute our products to many medical supplies distributors and hospitals.

We have a high standard in both quality and hygiene and that makes our product safe to use with foods, drinks, medical or children (arts and crafts) use.

In line with our company vision to be the best wood processing manufacturer in Indonesia, we always put our products quality first to make sure it is hygiene and do not use any chemicals in any of our products. This resulted in our products to be accepted by our neighbouring countries such as Japan, Malaysia and Thailand.

Furthermore, one of our mission is to always put our customers first and ensure that their happiness is top priority which help maintain a professional and friendly long term relationship.

Company Vision

– To be the best wood processing manufacturer in Indonesia.


Company Mission

– To put our customer needs and satisfactions first.

– To maintain best & high quality products at all time.

– To improve our methodologies through regular research and development.


Our Quality

  • Hygienic

    Our top most priority is to ensure a clean working environment and highest possible hygiene throughout the manufacturing process.

  • Quality

    We strive to provide high quality products through refined manufacturing process.

  • Food Grade

    No chemical in our process means it is safe for food consumptions.